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Basket Ball Drinking Game

Basket Ball Drinking Game

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 A fun complete drinking game for social events. 

The game is complete with 1 Basketball court with a fixed catapult, 1 basket ball hoop, 1 basket ball attached to string (so that you won’t lose it), and 6 shooter glasses all printed with different coloured basket balls.

The player who marks a basket makes the person of choice drink.

Set up and how to play:
- Place the base of the basket ball hoop at the end of the ground.
- Line up the catapult in the right direction with the ball in the center.
- Fill up the glasses and GO!


  • Drink game basket
  • Contains: 1 playground, 1 basket ball hoop, 1 ball, 6 shooters
  • Glass and plastic design
  • Dimensions: 24 x 40 x 21.5 cm


What's in the box
  • 1 x Playground
  • 1 x Basketball Hoop
  • 1 x Ball
  • 6 x Shooter Glasses
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