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Out of the Blue

Plasma Ball Light- 15x30cm

Plasma Ball Light- 15x30cm

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The plasma ball creates a striking visual effect from all perspectives you look at it.

The spectacle is fascinating, the game with it is also fun. Turn it on and touch it and it will respond to your touch in the most striking way.
- Just place your fingers on the surface of the glass and watch how the flashes follow your every move.
- You can "feel" its energy as the light will gently caresses your fingerprints.
- Dozens of purple lightning bolts will emanate from its core, you can control them by touching the ball with your fingers and will gather them at the point where you touch.
- You can also select the audio mode where the ball remains inactive and activated only by ambient sounds

Impressive device that will add mystery to your space.

Ideal for living room, bedroom, office.

Power mode, adapter included.
Size: 15 x H24 cm

What's in the box
  • 1 x Plasma Ball - 15x30cm
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