Lava Lamp – Gold Glitter



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A modern design with the retro flair of original lava lamp.
The great success of lava lamps results in relaxation caused by the hypnotic effect of the wax as it rises and falls through the liquid of the lamp.

Technical information
– Input: AC 230V 50Hz
– Bulb: R39 E14 30W
– Product Dimensions: 9.2 x H40cm
– Plug in the lamp and leave for approximately 2,5 hours for the lava to heat up and begin “floating”
– Let it heat until the wax begins to flow. Do not turn off during the first ignition until the wax flows completely as if it is turned off it can cause some of the wax to remain on top and then it will be very difficult to heat up on subsequent ignitions

– Do not shake
– Do not leave to burn unattended
– Do not drink liquid
– If placed in children’s room ensure that it is place out of reach
– Place on stable shelf or table
– Do not touch any part of the lava lamp while it is on or just off. The lamp takes very high temperatures to be able to work.

What’s in the box
1 x Lava Lamp – Gold Glitter