Digital LED Alarm Clock – Large sized numbers



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The large numbered, LED lit digital alarm clock from Balvi will ensure that you can tell the time any time of the day with absolute ease! Whilst also adding some modern, sleek design elements to a rooms d├ęcor. The clock can be placed on any desk, shelf, or side table, as well as hung on a wall (These screws are NOT included). The brightness of the alarm clock can be set manually on three levels or at scheduled times. When you set an alarm it is possible to snooze it from five to sixty minutes. The clock is powered by a 220 V transformer and a 5 V CR2032 battery (both included)

– Digital LED Alarm Clock
– Large Sized Numbers
– Shine in the dark
– 3 Brightness Levels
– Auto Brightness Adjustment
– Pause function (Snooze) programmable from 5 to 60 minutes

– Alarm clock with large numbers.
– Powered by a 5 V power supply (included) and a x CR2032 battery (supplied).
– Snooze function (snooze) programmable from 5 up to 60 minutes.
– Manual or to set times in time automatic dimming in 3 stages.
– Dimensions: 8,5×21,3×3,5 cm
– Made from: ABS
– Wall mounting possible: Yes, screws (not included)

What’s in the box
– Digital LED Alarm Clock
– 5 V power supply
– CR2032 battery