Confetti Cannon – Gold – 60cm



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Confetti cannon shooting out metallic confetti, length 60 centimeters.

This confetti cannon creates wonderful memories for your guests. It can be used at any event or celebration and provides super fun photo opportunities. Uses compressed air to shoot the confetti about 15-feet into the sky!
When ready to use, hold the top of the tube with one hand, twist the bottom of the tube with the other hand, and watch the confetti fly! Remember to always face the cannon up. This confetti cannon is perfect for indoor or outdoor venues.

– Do not use near power lines
– Do not aim at people, animals and objects
– Popping causes noice
– This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children
– Please keep away from flame and direct heat sources

Product Specifications:
– Colour: Mix
– Dimensions: 60cm
– Confetti: Metallic
– Durable
– Easy to use
– Safe to use

What’s in the box
1 x Confetti Cannon – Gold – 60cm