FISURA lava lamps were created to combine modern design with the retro flair of original lava lamps from the 70s.The great success of the lava lamps derives in the relaxation caused by the hypnotic effect of the wax as it rises and falls through the liquid of the lamp. With the colorued wax or the effects of glitter they are a fundamental decoration for any bedroom or room.Material: Metal, Crystal and Wax.Voltage: 220V.Assembly: The lamp contains 3 pieces; base, bottle and cap.The base is plugged into the mains and the light bulb is turned on with the switch.The bottle is placed on top of the base with the part containing the wax on top of the bulb.The cap is placed on the neck of the bottle.Let it heat until the wax begins to flow. If you are wholesaler or retailer and interested in stocking some of our products, visit our website at where you can find all our catalogues. Alternatively email us on Start Shopping
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